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Will to Win

Will to Win Hello ladies and gents throughout the world, today’s you’ll get a short insiders scoop on my training camp, and fight. So as most of you know I started training camp out thinking I was going to be fighting Max Griffin, but Max pulled out because of injury, it threw me off a bit because I was looking forward to that fight. The man who took the fight after Max, was Kenny...
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Shonuff blog

Today was a great training day, to start this Tuesday off Andy, meg, Nicco, and I ran fountain grove and then went to the morning bjj class at NCFA, man that hill is still no joke but it definatly prepares you and puts you in the chaos. The morning bjj class was good, Andy taught some side control escapes and subs. After training I had to do a couple of interviews so I knocked...
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monday fun day

monday fun day Epic Monday, this is Dom “Shonuff” Waters here to let you know how we do it down in NorCal. So I woke up feeling great and went for a 3 mile run, then ate some oatmeal. Then drove to Santa Rosa to do some boxing with Coach Eli, but I parked at my apartment and ran to the gym. We worked mitts and different combos, and then Nasty and I did some wrestling technique and a...
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Daniel in the Lions Den #StayingCool

Daniel in the Lions Den #StayingCool Monday was a great day of training. Started the day off right with some morning ab work before I had my oatmeal with some fresh fruit and coconut water. Then it was off to the first training session of the day at NCFA with my boxing coach Eli, I got there at !!am and did all my warming up footwork drills, rope drills, jumping rope in my everlasting battle to get my calfs bigger,...
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jaco Hello there folkers its Dom “Shonuff” Waters here letting you how hard we training down at NCFA, in Santa Rosa ca. When I woke up Joe Soto and I went on a 5 mile run to get that first sweat of the day in and kick start the fat burning. After the run I went home and had breakfast while studying some fight videos. around noon Mr Tom Call called me with some very big news...

Want to be a champion, you have to p...

Want to be a champion, you have to pay your dues Where to begin, this week has been very good pushing my limits and very happy with the results, Weds morning I woke up at 6am and got some good ol’ oatmeal in my system then rolled over onto my room floor and did some sit ups and neck training exercises for about 30 or 40 mins. Following that I went to NCFA to meet up with Joe, Issac, and Steven and got in a good morning run,...
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